Check Your Heart

Once more
the cursor is re-
directed at my color
like I’m a mistake of nature.

Once more
my kinds face extinction
from beings –just like us,
only not our color.

Once more
I’m reminded:
“I’m black”;
the one erased
For white to be.

Once more
My voice is stifled
with actions,
breathtaking and scourging.

“You’re black!”
They say.
Yes, I can see that,
You’re black too
Can’t you see that?

Check your heart!

So you may think that I am referring to the incident that occurred recently and went viral, but no! I’m referring to the one’s that occur on a daily basis UNCHECKED. Injustice in any form that it comes is injustice and should be curbed.

We don’t have to lose a soul all of the time to what you’ll term discrimination. In more sense, it’s misuse of power and trust bequeathed by the people to one they claim is their leader but has just a few at heart.

You ask why governments fail. Why the people revolt. You ask and still have some more questions burning within for a chance at exposure but are spite because even you were spited. They make you listen to manifestoes but when it is time, they manifest woes and set fire to your toes.

Today we don’t burn from unsaid words alone, we are scathed by the actions of those who make life a plain of rules to live by and no balm to soothe. The wrongs keep increasing as there’s no fair relation anymore. In Common’s words from the SELMA soundtrack –Glory, “Justice for all is ain’t just specific enough.”

I like to control the bull’s mind, not take it by the horn. I love Igbo food, I cherish the aesthetics in it. Hausa names are not curses, you know. Edo ladies aren’t witches. Yoruba clothes have their meanings, too. The Nupe dance has it’s roots, …

Culture. It shouldn’t be what tears us. Those differences should be our uniqueness; you don’t go ahead and force a people to choose between their ethics and life. It ought to be un-coerced, not what it is now – simply a tool for the getting.

The Hate You Give.
Comes back twice embittered.
To take you and all yours.
To remind you that:
The Hate You Give.
Shouldn't have a place.

My cousin budged me with a question, “Why did you not just take it,” because I sought permission before taking his stuff, and I replied, “…because I respect you, even though you’re younger. I’m also teaching you to respect not just mummy, but that small girl outside.”

Similarly, that’s how it should be in all of our relationships. Respect people, everyone! Even those you label social misfits. ”Justice for all” gains attention when you do respect ALL – not a particular all (some might include nature).

Sincerely, you wanna check this out: How To Write A Happy Poem

Again, check your heart!


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