May 27th looks to be the day the children get attention, other days? They crave it. I’ve been sick with this cycle and the emptiness it brings along, more like the attention we cast to tweets that trend for a while and soon become an off-topic after little deliberation. I hate to be the child who craves attention all of the time but get’s it on a certain holiday, or even breed one.

Children’s Day

I’m not against it – May 27, not at all. I’m against the deal that attention has to be chained in some sort to a day or two or a few. It ought to be non-stop, like the attention a chemist gives to channel intermittent hydrogen gas when it’s being generated.

Today, we are struck with something more viral than a virus-inflicted illness. We are struck with moral degradation; the beauty that usurps the quality in man for dunce, and it’s injected properly through unchecked association and relation; through what we see and train our tongues to evade whilst it does it’s thing. I’m not happy, I just can’t express it in it’s glory if the next generation is a dune of quick sand — destruction in herself.

A sibling, perceived to be small, was caught with a much younger female – nursery maybe, in a position that ought not to be and was reprimanded for his actions. Apparently, he had seen it in a movie more than once and had wanted to catch a feel. Thank goodness he was caught, and made to understand what the consequences of his actions could be, to his family too. I did mine in cautioning without restrictions when “WHY” answers about sexuality came up.

When you tell them of LOVE and LUST alone, how about the repercussion of both, who should hint? Won’t you tell them they have organs that attract the opposite sex? Won’t you tell them the “Daddy and Mummy” play becomes extreme when fondling begins to occur? Do you even need to keep your mouth shut about sex? When should sex education actually commence, andwho should be the one to spill the bean?

Our community today has more to do (yes, not society – members of the community in bits form the society) than just sit and leave all of the sensitizations to the schools and media. You, as a brother, sister, uncle, aunt, mother, father and what position you may have been grid to one another, have an important role to play in determining the future of “The Future Of Tomorrow” in more than words but taking the necessary actions required to fill the void that moral degradation is carefully causing.

As much as we focus on other aspects of life, we shouldn’t give leeway for anomalies caused by lack of proper attention to the children within our community. If you love that child as much as you claim, you will sensitize.

Sensitize against #Rape #Childabuse #childmisuse #Childrenmisconduct #Children #shobbsdiary #childrensday


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