How’s your day coming?
How’d your day go?
How. . .so I thought to drop this apostrophe.
Hope you love it!

I be struck
with myopia, but
you were always there;
a correcting lens.
With you
the world looks beautiful;
an effulgence of the beauty
you have beneath this frame.
You surprise me
with your doggedness,
even in unfavorable conditions;
Cleaving to my rubber ears
in times when reality
makes it stand;
understanding my plight
when the nasal bone
fakes being tired;
answering to me at night—
even when my chats
bore you.
I had mind
several words, yeah
even mined them out
with you as the muse
But now that I think to ink
all down for your perusal
you remind me of me—
not a different entity.

Dear Lens,
I appreciate you
As always😉.

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4 thoughts on “LENS

  1. Great piece, please I have a question from a line in the piece what does it mean for one to have rubber ears?

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