Truly, when we speak of children, we point fingers; we tend to fill in on those spaces with the ones much younger than us in age and stature – say below 15, but we’re all children of God, you know. We neglect the child within, the one we can’t outgrow in our agedness.

The child inside

Enjoy this wonderful insight by Akpadolu Chioma.

The little bundle in my arms crackled
Sending sparks up our dark sky
His first step that day was shaky
Yet with each fall he tried again
He was growing
So was the worry in my heart
Will his fire stand a chance
Against the cold world outside
Unlike me, he loved the rain
He would dance under it
Arms spread, his head thrown back
Laughing, the sound like that of his father,
That left with a part of me.
As I watched him dance away,
I realized that his fire was from the inside,
Unless he swallowed the ice,
He did stand a chance.
Did the child in me know that?
Maybe she did
But I choked her voice
With all my grown up worries…

I like to think we all have a child inside. That one that believed she could do everything she put her heart in, that wasn’t so wise to know things could go wrong, that was still unscarred by the world. Like many, yours may have been choked, but still does exist.

Find her, then tackle the world with her bravery, because in the end, it’s your mindset that makes the difference.


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