A time comes in our lives when we map out what our lives have to read, and a time comes when our lives truly becomes read. When that moment arises, what would be read about you?

Moments and Memories


Moments and Memories upwelling,
A time for sober reflection; on our past – its mistakes, weaknesses and strengths.
A time to remember friends with a driving force for better living.
A time to let go of hurts, failed attempts and correct the wrongs that be.

The moments we share with friends, families and well-wishers,
Full of celebrations in the air,
Middle Class, High Profile Men in attendance,
Paying tributes in honor of a great achievement and a personality to reckon with.

The sacrifices we make on a daily basis,
The struggles we face every second that passes,
The connections we gain as we strive to do mighty exploits,
The People, Places and Factors that come to discourage our potentials,
And wish to kill our dreams.
The lessons we learn as we step out in victory.

Too much to speak about,
With heavy words to spill out,
‘Cos we were at the point of giving up, trying suicide or to forge ahead.
Such is life.

There are people in our shoes,
Ours is far better,
Faced with insurmountable problems,
Yet we feel like the “most overwhelmed”.

Out of chains or tied down?
Pick one – be let loose,
Maybe, stay put.

Breath in then out,
Are you the worst hit?
A misfit?

Take a look at the present,
Do a comparison with the past,
What are your projections for the future?

Grab a pen and a sheet of paper,
Reflect, think, and
Pen down your thoughts.
Inspire your actions,
Step out to make a difference.

Tell a story – of you, your struggles, your victories.
Let others draw strength from your pages,
In it, their wages may lie.
‘Cos, in the end, your legacies will speak with increased volume.

When you’re gone,
Nations will remember you,
For your good deeds left in the sands of time.

A trip to the past😊.

I’d write…
To keep records of my escapades,
Take stock of my achievements,
That the generation afterwards will adopt as a handbook to guide them through…
Whilst they gain grounds!

© Joelation6


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