Time by Inkspill

Time does not wait when the clock is broken
Quiet is the sound of the hanging clock but soon a month slips away
We can never say when the new beard arrived

The gallant traveller going nowhere
The wealth of the newborn,
The ambitious passerby never stopping for a greet

Who owns you?
Debt in our pockets.
And we pay gradually,
In seconds and minutes, hours and days, weeks and years,
until a lifetime is spent.

You sing your song
And we outgrow our favorite shoe
You dance your dance
And we walk away from home.

Can’t you wait a moment?!
È duro o jaare!
Fall sick or better still
Run mad and walk backwards!

©Chidubem Victor. Following (@Dubem_ink_spill)

A tour to the past😁

The beauty in every piece of art reflects the one in you. It’s a matter of how you see the world.

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