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This is so me.

Data turned on.
Grrreee! My messages load;
Too many to read at the same time – group chats, individual conversations, spiritual broadcast et al.
Without wasting much time, I scroll down to find yours so we can continue “our catch-ups”.
Others can hold on for a while…

Who says I didn’t miss our gossips, rants, our regular criticism on issues, our deep secrets and of course, our usual teasing?
I really do miss them.

Every minute spent with you online brings warmth and keeps me refreshed.
An hour or more makes me cherish the bond we share as friends leaving lovely moments as my take home for the night.

I wish my phone is never ‘zero percent’ and my monthly data subscription never expires.
Yes, I really wish.

That feeling I get when I can confide in you during my darkest nights; your kind words that soothes my depressed soul, your eagerness to proffer a solution and your constant check up assures me of a bright future, with you by my side.
I’m relieved;
‘Cos I can always count on you!

Been offline lately,
What did I miss?
Let’s catch up!

You see, for many reasons we engage people (friends, families, well wishers) on several social platforms.
At some point, there’s a need to look beyond those reasons and constitute a long lasting friendship or relationship.
One that’s sure to stand the test of time.
You get?

Truly, no one has luxury of time to get in touch with everyone via phone calls, SMS or DMs.

It’s a task too stressful to undergo but then, we can reach out to a few persons.
Maybe, an “Hello, how are you?” or “Hi, hope you’re good?” will remind that person how important he or she is to you.
You can do a little…

You never can tell how much a connection needs a two line message from you on a daily or weekly basis.
Do well to reach out!

Indeed, it could be annoying when those you hold in high esteem fail to reciprocate your kindness by way of replies or dropping a short text.
Surely, it is. I know cos I’ve experienced it.
Two things work for me; “keep texting or give them a breathing space”.

Doing the latter seem very easy but it can be really difficult because the individual(s) may be a crush, family member,fiancé or fiancée who you expect to keep in touch with you everyday but isn’t.
For the crush, every seconds! 😁😉

So, would you give them a space or occupy the space till they give you the required attention?

The former is very easy. Just drop the text and go.
Yet, there’s more to it, do you keep texting outta compulsion?
Prolly, you derive great joy in doing so?
Choose for yourself where you belong.

I’ve enjoyed great moments with friends online.
Alot, I do appreciate and hold so close to my heart.
I’ve learnt lessons from the little but time consuming discussions we’ve had.
Some keep my head up, others teach me the essence of human interactions to mention a few.
Whichever way, weigh your options well…

Trust me, no one can envisage what the future holds for us.
Why not cherish the moments?
Let them be evergreen!

Hold on to the bond you share with a friend, cling to their arms in love and keep that intimacy right.

The moments are
here to stay,
they live memories in our hearts

and legacies to live by.

Enjoy every bit of it,
Yet take caution!

Dear Friend,
Stay close to me. Help spice up those moments every single day.
Would you?

© Joelation6


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