Okon, Joel Nnanna

I’m Okon, Joel Nnanna, the third born and first son in the family of six. I’m that “Okon” thought to be a “Cross Riverian” but hails from the South Eastern part of Nigeria, Abia state precisely.

What do people say I am? Family often call me Nnanna. Colleagues at school prefer to address me as Okon. Mike (an ex-neighbour) says I’m ‘Joel Aba’. A friend turned sister, has my contact saved as ‘Joel Brotherly’, a close female pal prefers ‘Jojo’. Hehehe….Wattayu thinking bayi?!
I’m simply ‘Joel’ to those who don’t call me any of those names above.

My Academics: It all started at Dan-Hope Nursery and Primary School, Mile 12 where I had my Nursery 1 to Primary 5 classes, skipped Primary 6 to JS 1 to begin my secondary school, first at Wonderful Lord College, Kosofe Mile 12 (JSS 1-3) then proceeded to Stadium Senior High School, Surulere (SSS 1-3) to complete my secondary education. Today, I’m a 300 level student of Geology, Federal University Oye Ekiti, Ekiti state, Nigeria.
I love writing and had passion for drawing at my earlier years but it’s all gone now!

Growing up wasn’t so much of an adventure but I can boldly say ‘I’m a privileged young man’. I had little or no friends to play with in my neighborhood but the times I did, I remember the “Daddy and Mummy Play” we (I and a family friend) did once or twice. I was made to respect myself and maintain my lane at all times. E get why!
In primary school, I came top in class severally even though I had 3rd and 11th position at some point. I still played my cards well in junior secondary school and senior secondary school as Omo science student.

Career wise ehn..,I transitioned from being a banker initially (My teacher, Uncle Sesan still reminds me of that ambition till now) to a Veterinary Doctor (an ambition I had after reading a Literature text about dogs in primary school). Asif I love dogs sef!
I switched gears to pursue a career in Architecture and had it sealed throughout secondary school days but in 2017, plans changed the fourth time.
A career in Geology was the choice and is still the choice. Call me a Geoman, I sure will respond!

Sincerely, the journey so far hasn’t be all rosy but trust me, God gat my back, always!
Any Changes? Yes, alot! The “not-so-outspoken” Joel has great confidence now. That shy nature is fast disappearing. Glory!!! The cool, calm and reserved me is doing well. (Smiles…)
One thing is sure, I’ve never stopped believing in myself, abilities and strengths despite the fierce situations I face.
My Interests: Writing is my major interest presently. Maybe, reading sometimes. I see myself having something to think about, reflect on and mediate upon, hence, I take time to pen down my thoughts. This whole process happens in the ‘quietness of my spirit’. I love that I read the stories, ideas and opinions of people with a desire to pen down mine.

A4 paper wasn’t an issue for me at home ‘cos I had them in good supplies. This made writing easy. Thanks to my Dad!
As a student of Geology, the earth, its interactions and her inhabitants, likewise the environment adds to my curiosity. I need to know the nitty gritty so I can proffer solutions to any decadence in the environment.
The idea is to make impacts and build nations with legacies to leave in the sands of time. I love the sight of lovely, creative and magnificent structures, too! I just imagine what made them possible and how to get them done.

My Failure(s): That insignificant (speaking from the present) “zero over five” in Maths and the round of applause dished out to my mates who performed well gave me moments to worry about. It wasn’t on a regular o! Of course, being at my best is the next and only option. Brace Up, man!
Most times when failure comes, I say to myself, forge ahead, keep the right company, believe in God and yourself. Work harder like you never did.

Inconsistent Yet Purposeful: With my four time transit career wise, I knew I needed to have a rethink maybe, a redress in order to make the right decision and avoid regrets.
At age 17, a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc.Geology) became the plan unlike between ages 7-9 and 10-16 years respectively when I had different choices. Truth is, I do not regret the step taken into my present career choice.
In the same vein, decision making isn’t an easy task, talkless of a “redress” in one’s career and life path.

My Advice: I’d say that one must be open, sincere and willing to reach out (to experienced persons) and exercise patience always. Do not allow naysayers bambozzle you, rebuke all forms of discouragement, put up a good character as well as respect yourself so that people can reciprocate such gesture.

My Moments: In Feb 2018, I almost lost my Dad to the cold hands of death after he was stabbed with a bottle by ‘men of the underworld’ on his way home from Ships and Port, Apapa Lagos, Nigeria the previous month (January). He had the injuries treated and everything was under control until the devil stuck in February when he fainted.

The poor me had just began my university journey, paid my school fees the last week in January before the incident. Fear gripped me but I managed to attend lectures with a troubled heart throughout this period, trusting God for good health on behalf of my Dad. I couldn’t fathom loosing him at that point (not anytime soon sef….) especially as it was the earliest stage of my career.


Thankfully, it all ended in praise. God had His way and used Charismatic Student Fellowship (CSF), FUOYE Generals who prayed along with me when that news broke out one fateful Saturday morning.

My Titbit: See, life is no respecter of person. One must do the needful while he or she last on earth. Our aim should be to break limits, take risks and be at our best. We can leave indelible marks wherever we find ourselves, build nations and raise generations to come.

Dare to stand out whether there are cheer leaders or not. Be a Pillar not an Obstacle!


Finally, I must mention that the name “JOELATION” (meaning, My God of Joy and Pride) sums up everything about me in a single word. That name keeps me going!
Thanks for reading!
I’m Joelation6.
I write. I rock. I glow.


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