I didn’t mean to,although my actions betrayed me. Little did I know what the results would be.

Silent Noise

The voices that comforted me that day
Grew louder
With words more than it could say
Piercing my skin deeper than the Sun’s ray
Leading me far from the bay
The bay
Drowning in deep waters
Far from the bay

It all happened that day
On the bay
I heard her voice grow thinner
I saw her kick against the current
I felt her current state as she wanted for air
Though ours was a “current” affair I couldn’t interfere

Fishes don’t drown
And chickens don’t swim
But this fish was down
And it was like a film
A horror movie,you might call it
Of which I could have been her HE ro
Saving the damsel from level zero
Except that chickens don’t swim
Not because of what their bodies are about
But because its their nature to “chicken out”

The words that comforted me on that day
Became more pronounced
As I opened my mouth

“See you on the other side” were her words before she crossed death’s sea

It really isn’t just in my mind

Its corporeal


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