Never assume, find out.
A lot of people have been fooled by what they think is, but isn’t, and it has been of major concern to me in our present day.

Philosophies are on the rise and it seems all we want to do is rise with it, like sugar does with ijebu garri, but we forget that as this rising occurs it has to be checkmated by some activities – that shouldn’t be assumed.

Many will drink garri without sugar, because they only saw the level of garri rise and assume the sugar would too.

Tasting has always been the way to finding out if the sugar is sufficient. It baffles me how we don’t taste options before drowning in them. How we don’t taste scenarios before jumping into conclusions. How we think we understand, to find out when it has become worse that our grasp of the issue was minute.

I know you’re thinking, well I know the amount of sugar that would do. . . but would an amount of plea do in most cases? I know we’ve soaked the garri and all we want to do is dive in, but pause.

Think about how much assumption can or has cost you. For some, it’s the running faucet in the house that could have been locked but wasn’t because they just wanted to get there quick. For some, it’s the good servant, bad master – fire, that visited their home because they left the hot plate on with a whistling kettle signaling for help. And for some, it’s starvation that fed their relationship to death because they felt all was “cool.”

There are lots and tonnes of experiences that you might already have, and there are lots more that you can avoid by simply doing away with assumption. It causes grievious damage when allowed. More reason why the chemist deals with emperical data rather than assumed results.

Today, do whatever it takes to find out; you never can tell what results you would find. Assuming leaves you with mere speculation.  Not fact.

What if. . .Find out, and with courtesy!
Should I assume I’ve blessed your day😁?

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7 thoughts on “Many will drink garri without sugar.

  1. I am guilty of this. I look at a situation, spin my own version of it from my own point of myopic view and make it my fact, and keep going about in my little bubble.
    And I couldn’t be more wrong, when my bubble gets popped, I get so shocked because I think about how everything was supposed to fall in place from my assumptions like as if those were perfectly measured parameters.

  2. Assumption dealt me a big blow and cost me a friendship once. Now no matter what evidence I see, it’s never 100% true until they say it with their lips😂

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