Dear friend,

Here are 5 letters you want to read before you die, but you don’t want to acknowledge.


Letters are known to elicit emotions; love, hatred, disgust, denial, and the list is as long as you know or have felt. I’ve always wanted one to be written to me, not the other way, as is done in some schools.

Those letters we write for examination and test purposes, not that type any longer, rather, one that really is created for me and sent to me (have you checked how easy it is to send me a message?).

Well, I got what I suppose is a letter from a friend once. It was inspiring, and it had an undertone of respect from the writer… I won’t divulge its content, and Yes, I still have it with me. I got it in High school and every time I read it, it brings up memories I cherish. Like, someone really took the time to write me letters with several dashes!

Shobb’s, get to the letters already!

Alright, the first is letter of appreciation. The simple letter that carries “Thank You” as its message. Asides the vote of thanks you listen to at events, do you ever get one individually, as a letter? Wait for it, before you chop off my small head. People hardly say thank you these days, but the few that do, they know what the feeling of being appreciated means. They’re the real MVPs. You might know some, take time to appreciate people, for even the minute.


Dear friend,

I’ve always wanted to appreciate you more, but you’re not on my mailing list yet… so how do you test the validity of my claims. Oya sign up here: Scroll to the bottom for the sign up form!

If really you did that, you might want to check you mail, I have one specially written for you there, comes up once you’ve accepted in your mail.

Your friend, Shobb’s.

I’m afraid, I’m breaking this to you, this way, but there’s no other way than with the use of words. Ndo oh. Some of these types of letters do not even come with afraid, because the writer isn’t doing it with fear. Rejection, Termination letters or any of those letters that turn you down. Yes, they come sometimes with words of mouth. 


If you went for screening, you might get one, or it’s positive other. The writer didn’t write it to break your heart really, they just did to let you know you were not considered a worthy fit. Some tell you how and where to improve, and some leave you clueless.

They are not meant to pull you down, they’re meant to make you go back to your planning table strategize, get better, and work out your way to the position you aim to be at. Not necessarily from same person, company or job.

Always know, a rejection is not meant to put you down, it’s meant to fire you up!


How do I put this? Why did I even… it doesn’t make sense, just as life sometimes. I’m losing touch. I’m losing patience. I’m losing. I’m lost. I’m talking about the letters with suicidal thoughts, the ones that sometimes never translate to words typed or written. Suicide letters.

Suicide. Sad_Artz

People say life makes sense, but why does it have to come with some feelings of pain and rejection and all. Like me, you might have passed through this hazy state of mind severally, or maybe that’s where you are now.

Here’s something I want you to hold on to: Pain and rejection and all you may be feeling right now are definitely part of what spices life, but they end also for joy and happiness to come through, like the breaking of a new day. HOLD ON TIGHT! It’s almost day. It’s almost day. It’s almost over. Just let the peace of God serenade you.

It’s okay to get depressed, but it’s not okay to die depressed. You only live once, enjoy it (even with that dime you claim not to have). Your happiness should not be tied to items of monetary value; they fade too like colorful shirts washed without caution.

Wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m older, all these time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost. I tried carrying the weight of the world, but I only have two hands. I hope I get the chance to travel the world, but I don’t have any plans. Wish that I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes. But life’s a game made for everyone and love is the price (Lyrics to Wake Me Up by Avicii). Have you loved yourself enough?

Self Love: Sunshiny SA site

Many of us have lost ourselves in trying to love others, pushing ourselves into boxes that we do not belong to, just to belong. It’s that letter you write to yourself, just to say: Yo! Find yourself. You can’t love, if you haven’t learnt to love yourself enough. It’s what’s within that you can give. Letter of Love, to yourself.

Dear Efe, if you ever get this letter, reach out to me. I love you! (Johnny Drille) Hehehe, this one is the one you wanted to see first, sorry it came last. The all-time vintage love letter. Yeah, the one to someone special, depends on your classification though. Come to think of it, I deserve one too.

(Babe, after reading this, do well to write me one. You know how often you make me want to see you right after I say bye, it’s a signal that the strength of this whirlpool called love keeps increasing as time passes by. I’m not scared of diving into it. You mean more.)


Hey! What were you reading? That was confidential. Yeah, go ahead, Write to me! I love Youuuuuuuuuu!

These 5 letters are what you need to stay alive.

Okay, there’s this one I am a culprit of. It makes me feel like I’m not giving my all, so I try as much as possible to avoid it. If you think you know it, drop it in the comment box, alongside what you feel about this list of letters. I just hate excuses, so don’t give me one!

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28 thoughts on “5 Letters You Want To Read Before You Die!

    1. Hmm, Letter of appreciation, rejection,self love,love and…. There are only 4. I think the letter of appreciation and self love are the ones desirable for one to see before dying.

  1. I am proud to see how skillfully you have mastered the art of creative writing which has inoculated my system with lots of intrigues as well as a butterfly in my belly.

    Let me say you are worthy to be called a fellow-feeling in the world of great writers…..cares.💞

  2. The cry for help letter is Heart wrenching even more so ’cause of the lyrics of that song with its writer gone while we were ignorant to ‘his’ cry for help letter.
    This was a great read. Your writing is still wowwing me.

    You could check out BTS’ love yourself album too.
    Is the 6th one the Query letter?

  3. Woow this is amazing, though we’ve just been friends for few days i really have to admit the fact that u are awesome the things u write are superb, i really appriciate your effort. And I think letters are really important especially that of thanks it means a lot. A pray we all get somethingnew from this

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