Take a break already, would ya? That’s what your mind is telling you. That which you seek seeks to confront your thought process today.

When we begin to tell tales, it takes the shape of fables and it appears as though the truth is brandished with lies. But the truth is, we relate with these stories more than we do with facts. Now that’s a fact, and with you it’s been proven.

Certainly, this is how it works all of the time, till we choose ourselves to be the tale being told and not just tale bearers.

This could be just another.
They say the mind has a way of working wonders that surprise, e.g bringing up childhood memories or moments of happiness or maybe even shutting you down, because you’re bruised not physically but mentally. Shall we call it the default action the mind takes, or shall we term it a break?

This is the edge we’ve been trying not to tread because we think we know just what our needs are, even mentally. We think that at the snap of our fingers all would go back to normal. And some think that we could just end it all by sentencing ourselves to eternal life in death.

Have you tried:
– the slow pace that walking affords?
– the gentle deep breathes that quiet offers?
– the view that serenity gives?
– the scent that nature has?
– the love of the Father?

Maybe, just maybe all you need is a break, from all the chaos and noise that this life offers; to step down and back and get your mind in place, to get back your peace – the piece that keeps you in one piece.

Shut Up! Take a break

Then, you might need to shut up and shut off; those thoughts that encroach your private space, those friends that are fiendish, those things (even the media) that keep sucking you (your energy) dry. Maybe it’s time to call them what they really are: Liabilities. They know just how to drown a person.

In my years of existence, I’ve never seen. . .
(How old am I cef that I’ll begin with that line, 60?)

In poetry, there’s Caesura; basically a break in a particular piece. It affords you breathing space, just before you begin again.

August saw this break. I had a lot of time to think for myself; partly because I broke down from mental and physical stress in July, and partly because I didn’t have data. I had the luxury of time off the internet that I just wished it never ended.

It helped me to appreciate red sand, the almost 6am cock-a-doodle-doo, the 5-aside football which I never got to participate in, and the talks I had. I was somewhat alone and somehow I just knew this was refreshing. I would walk all by myself, relax on a swing listening to a song in place of engaging in a discussion (that was my way of recharging when I had talked for long) and it was therapeutic.

Calls? Who calls a loner? Well, this guy sure had friends. Some I text, some called and some waited till I got back online. Amidst these, there was the laying-it-all-down I did to my creator. You should try that too; remember He asks willingly that you cast all your cares upon Him, he does see you as the apple of his eye you know?

Recently, I came across a piece of paper with a quote in it, from Arami essentials, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. [Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.]” It was a souvenir. But it was also John 14:27.

Hey friend, maybe it’s time for caesura; to shut up, but not lock up. Give yourself space to breathe and enjoy. You only have one shot at life, if you’re graced you might get another.

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.”

Wayne Dyer

Take the time off and appreciate.Your mind needs it!
You know how taking a stroll, talking to no one helps? Top it with a refreshing drink. Watch movies. Listen to songs. Write. Find what makes you happy, then do it! Meditate, not brood. I repeat, Meditate! It helps you stay focused.

Here are a few tricks I accrued that have been beneficial. The first and last works just as the others.

Change your mindset about things. Yes, you need to, that’s the only way you can see things from a whole new perspective.

Review what you think makes you happy. Does it really leave that desired satisfaction? If it doesn’t then you might have to look further. And stop assuming!

• Every day identify five different things you’re grateful for, let them change daily. It helps you appreciate the little and build a culture of gratitude.
– I’m grateful for you, as a reader,
– for the few, that would receive my mail at the end of the month,

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– for the opportunity to impart in your life.
– Yesterday, I was grateful for breath, today, I’m grateful for sight.
– I’m grateful that you read my list, but what are you grateful for today? Use the comment section, I’d like to read it!

Begin each day with gratitude, not grudge. It really changes the look of things. You see from a grateful perspective, and count everything going on as temporal.

Yeah, you’re busy, sleep! Make your sleep tell your body to pray for you. Just create the time to rest.

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”

Eckhart Tolle

I’m a theist and I believe there’s a God, the one who is peace himself. Let him dwell richly in you. He know’s just how to shut them up, and shut them off.

(My love has the best shut up you will ever hear! Lol. It just comes natural, and with love.)

How do you feel?
I’m sure you know the feeling.

Found this insightful? Share, someone else needs to hear these words. And yes! Comments are appreciated too.


Hello there!

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14 thoughts on “Need a break? It’s break time!

  1. Things I’m grateful for today.
    -That I got to read this (most times we don’t notice that things are things until they are pointed out to us.)
    -That I took the initiative to continue a course I was starting to give up on.
    -That I get to feel good about myself because I helped make someone feel good about their work.
    -for the people around me even though they might not know it.
    -For my mum.(although she is being super protective)

  2. You want to know what am grateful for?
    Am grateful that i saw this its an answered prayer, I have searched for peace and how to live on my own, for sometime nw I have searched for answers where there are none
    This is os life changing nd am gratfeful I saw this

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