We all have that locked up book under watchful eyes filled with experiences about our life; purely thoughts and feelings and strings of things that tickle our fancy or torment our found peace. Some burnt, some in the cloud of our minds or internet, some left to roam for our offspring to find. Well, this is mine!

It’s a diary alright! But not any kind; it’s an open diary.

Here you read purely my-thought-out about love, life, faith and the one reason it is public – hope. The rest? They lie betwixt all.

. . .still reading? Alright, if you’re reading the contents on this diary and you’re expecting the traditional intro, “Dear Diary,” well that was it.

This should be fun. No. This is fun!

About the Shobb’s Diary Team.

It used to be I, from the onset, but is now We.

Should I add our names and pictures? If yes, write a profile for yourself. About five sentences long.

We are a group of normal people that do not want the next generation and normal people like us to go through things we went through.

We are just like you. Only with an open diary for you to read from and know that you are not alone.

Our Goal.

Simply, it is to spread hope

  • Of love
  • Of Faith
  • Of life

I get (am) excited when I write. I know it is evoked in you as you read. Clear your eyes! There’s a lot I have to tell you. But, just in case you have something to share (with me), I’m social too!

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