The Wall: Getting Over and Building Up Your Self Esteem.

Self esteem, isn’t that what defines you? It’s time you learnt how to get over your low self esteem and pride in what makes you unique. Here’s how.

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When you say “I Love My Neighbor”, What exceptions are there?

When they say love your neighbor as yourself, not just the beautiful ones; the ones wearing the kind of dresses you love, even those you feel don’t deserve it. – Slum Art Foundation Co-founder, Adetunwase Adenle; A 4-time Guinness World Record holder […]

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A Journey to a better year

As the dawn of a new year breaks, best wishes are sent to friends, families and well wishers alike, with gleams of hope that the year begins and ends well. Amidst these celebrations, we think wild and wide; writing budgets and planning […]

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True stories about time are never given the right of consideration simply because we often do not get the twist. As you read, you’ll find yourself in this persona because it was curated just for you! You know that moment when Patients […]

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Be Happier!

Looking at all from this direction makes it feel like life has lost it’s taste😪. What’s the taste of life cef? (scratches head)
Forgot, this is not one of my lectures.
How then do you break this chain of wearing brute long faces?

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BEARD GANG: The ‘Religio-Spiritual’ Undertone.

Bear…Bear” as it is fondly called is one issue that has generated several argument as to whether it is spiritually inclined or a religious ideology.
*This is purely my thought out*

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Story Story!

“Nothing is new under the sun”, is the saying, but I guess it takes discovery to understand this truth. Discovered whom you are yet?

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Wrestling | MOWA

Wrestling…Sounds familiar right?Maybe not with crowds jeering at us, a referee, an “official” boxing ring and a belt that awaits us but, Yes! We have all wrestled; with fear, anxiety,  sickness and disease, lack, want, emotional outbursts, phobia and an endless list […]

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Having problems with your song choice? Same here

One of my greatest fear has been songs.I loved and still do.As a simple Christian brother, I’d always been swayed by the label… ‘This is a Christan song…that isn’t’ and I would be scared of singing a particular song whilst with some […]

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Beauty For A-shes 2 | Mowa

Before now………………………………………………………………I always thought the church had hated prostitutes, an irony, cos twas supposed to be a home for destitutes. I couldn’t relate to Lydia, Esther or RuthI wasn’t like them and that was the truth.I was a Gomer, a Rahab and […]

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Beauty for Ashes | Mowa

Lost?We’re here. He told me to be silentbut didn’t stoptill he broke the hymen…Defiled my body. But that was by the side. What he actually did,wasto rape my mind;A strange fire was lit that none could quench,And my soul was filled with […]

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Imagine Christ | A Fool for the fools.

Shhhh….Give listen to my wordings!I’m not your pastor,Just a preacher driven by Passion. I hate to say this, but it’s an habit;To dance and sing and still not get it.We do, as a likely solution to our mysteries, yet in our miseries […]

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FOOLS WITH NO TOOLS | Life of a street tout – Okon Joel

Its a brand new year and it’s waiting patiently for nobody. If you had failed to make alive your vision for the previous year, I believe you should have begun to – think, plan and launch out this year. Happy 2019! A […]

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A little longer.

Translocating could be an issue sometimes, especially when you don’t get a quarter to fill bus to enter and you’re in a hurry.I was at the bus stop with I, as the only passenger seated and others standing beside the bus patiently […]

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Been a while yea?Working on something big… You sure would love it when it’s ripe😀. So, I was in a bus to my state…(Ogun) and this overzealous school boy was about to alight and didn’t want to wait for the vehicle to […]

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